How to choose the best bed mattress

At least a quarter of a person’s life is spent sleeping. The quality of the mattress directly affects the quality of sleep, and the quality of sleep directly affects human health.

What should I do if I can’t sleep well? How to choose the best bed mattress for you? Come and choose a mattress with me and go home for a beauty sleep.

01 Spring bed mattress

Spring mattresses are the most common in life and are mattresses with better performance. It is named as a spring mattress because the bed core is composed of springs.

It is understood that each mattress can use as many as 500 to 800 springs. The springs of the famous brand mattresses are made of high-quality carbon spring steel wires, which is also the fundamental factor for the different prices of mattresses.

Advantages: good elasticity, good supporting performance, can be better supported and supported according to the human body curve; strong air permeability, not easy to mildew; long service life.

  • Reference price: 400-1000 yuan
  • Suitable for the crowd: mass consumers

02Palm Mattress

Palm mattress, also known as full palm mattress, is made of palm fiber and is a mattress made of plant materials. It mainly uses the thick, long and elastic fibers of palm itself, and is woven into a mesh structure after processing.

Advantages: The texture is hard, the price is low, it is not easy to deform, and it has a certain effect on diseases of the waist, neck, spine or bone hyperplasia.

Disadvantages: easy to mold, not suitable for use in southern coastal areas.

  • Reference price: 300-600 yuan
  • Suitable for the crowd: middle-aged and elderly people and young children
 Palm Mattress

03 Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are foam mattresses made of polyurethane compounds, also known as PU foam mattresses.

Advantages: high softness, strong water absorption

Disadvantages: low air permeability, easy to stick to the rubber pad after long-term use, expensive

  • Reference price: 200-800 yuan
  • Suitable for the crowd: middle-aged and young people
Latex  bed Mattress

04 Magnetic bed

Magnetic beds are also known as “magnetic mattresses” or “magnetic mattresses”. The common magnetic bed is based on the spring mattress, and a special magnetic sheet is placed on the surface of the mattress every 15CM (6 inches) to generate a stable magnetic field.

Advantages: Using the biological effects of magnetism to achieve calmness and pain relief. Improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and reduce high blood pressure. This kind of mattress is a health-care mattress, and you should consult your doctor beforehand.

Disadvantages: Individuals are particularly sensitive to magnetism or use for too long, and there will be some side effects.

  • Reference price: 800-2000 yuan
  • Suitable for the crowd: middle-aged and elderly people, patients with frozen shoulder, mental stress, etc.
Magnetic bed

05 Airbed

The air bed is also known as an air mattress, or an air mattress. There is an air tube system in the mattress, and there are inflation and exhaust devices.

Advantages: easy to carry or store. The air bed has a certain bearing force on the body, and the softness and hardness of the mattress can be properly adjusted by controlling the amount of inflation.

Disadvantages: Floating sensation during use interferes with sleep quality.

  • Reference price: 100-300 yuan
  • Suitable for the crowd: camping enthusiasts

I don’t think there is the best mattress, only the best mattress.

When buying a mattress, you should buy it rationally according to your own needs. When buying a beautiful appearance, you should pay more attention to reality. A good mattress is for sleeping, not sitting.

Therefore, it is recommended to buy a mattress of a big brand, so that you can sleep with peace of mind and use it with confidence.

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