The Industrial Elegance of Foscarini Diesel Cage Mic: A Contemporary Lighting Fixture


Foscarini Diesel Cage Mic is a modern lighting fixture that represents a perfect blend of industrial design and contemporary aesthetics. The captivating element of this product is a metal cage that surrounds the light source, creating an intricate pattern of light and shadow.

Design and Materials

The design of Foscarini Diesel Cage Mic is inspired by industrial elements, such as wire mesh grids used in factories and warehouses. The cage around the light bulb is crafted with metal wires that are intricately woven to create a captivating pattern. This particular design choice allows for a unique and spacious light distribution, creating a striking visual effect in all directions.

The materials used in the production of Foscarini Diesel Cage Mic are of the highest quality, providing the product with both sturdiness and aesthetics. The cage is made up of steel, reinforcing the product’s industrial appeal, while the lampshade is made up of blown glass, giving it a sleek and contemporary look.

Features and Performance

Foscarini Diesel Cage Mic is designed to create a visual impact in any environment. The contemporary design and the intricate cage pattern allow for a stunning interplay of light and shadow, creating a captivating lighting experience. This stylish pendant lamp is available in three distinct shapes – Ellipse, Cylinder, and Cone – giving you the freedom to choose the one that suits your decor best.

The product features a unique dimmer switch, allowing you to adjust the light to your preferred intensity. The dimming capability of the Foscarini Diesel Cage Mic makes it an ideal lighting fixture for creating a relaxing ambiance or setting the mood for an intimate conversation.

Installation and Maintenance

The Foscarini Diesel Cage Mic is easy to install and maintain. The pendant lamp comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions, making the installation process straightforward. The product is compatible with most LED light bulbs, but it is recommended to use bulbs with a maximum wattage of 100W.

To maintain the captivating appearance of the lamp, it is recommended to clean it with a dry or damp cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or solvents that may damage the metal cage or the glass shade of the product.

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