The Timeless Elegance of Arne Jacobsen’s Gulvlampe


Arne Jacobsen is a designer whose work is characterized by minimalism, functionalism, and modernism. One of the most iconic pieces is his Gulvlampe, a floor lamp that has remained popular since its creation in 1960. The Gulvlampe is an extraordinary example of Jacobsen’s design philosophy, which prioritizes form and function over ornamentation. This article explores the history, design, and enduring appeal of the Arne Jacobsen Gulvlampe.

History of the Arne Jacobsen Gulvlampe

The Gulvlampe was created for a hotel project in Copenhagen in 1960, along with other Jacobsen designs, such as the Egg and Swan chairs. The hotel’s name, SAS Royal Hotel, was later changed to Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, and it opened in 1960 to great acclaim. The Gulvlampe was originally designed as part of the hotel’s interior decoration, and it has since become an icon of modern Danish design.

Jacobsen’s minimalist approach is apparent in the design of the Gulvlampe. The lamp has a simple, vertical stem that supports a rounded shade. The shade is made of spun aluminum and comes in white, black, or gray. The lamp’s design is functional and timeless, making it a popular choice for modern interiors.

Design of the Arne Jacobsen Gulvlampe

The Gulvlampe’s simple design is typical of Arne Jacobsen’s approach to design. He believed that products should be functional above all else, and that ornamentation was unnecessary. The lamp’s stem is made of steel and coated in a shiny finish, while the base is made of polished aluminum. The shade is constructed from spun aluminum, creating a unified look.

The Gulvlampe’s functionality is reflected in its adjustable shade, which can be angled to direct light where it is needed. This feature makes the lamp an excellent choice for reading or working, as it can be adjusted to suit the task. The lamp is also versatile and can be placed in a wide range of environments, from a home office to a living room.

Enduring Appeal of the Arne Jacobsen Gulvlampe

The Gulvlampe’s simple, functional design has helped it remain popular through the years. The lamp’s minimalist style has made it a classic of modern design, and it is often featured in design magazines and furniture showrooms. The Gulvlampe’s versatility has also contributed to its popularity, as it can be used in a wide range of interiors.

Jacobsen’s Gulvlampe has inspired many designers and has become a benchmark for modern floor lamps. Its simple yet elegant design continues to inspire new generations of designers, and it is a testament to Jacobsen’s enduring legacy.


In conclusion, the Arne Jacobsen Gulvlampe is a timeless classic of modern design. Its simple, functional design has made it a favorite of designers and design enthusiasts alike. The Gulvlampe’s versatility and durability have ensured that it remains one of the most popular floor lamps in

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