The Ultimate Guide to Kartell Battery Replicas: Explore the Best Designs and Prices

What is Kartell Battery Replica?

Kartell is a renowned Italian design brand that specializes in creating unique and innovative furniture, lighting, and home decor products. The Kartell Battery Lamp is one of their most iconic designs, featuring a minimalist and contemporary look that instantly adds a touch of style to any room.

A Kartell Battery Replica refers to a replica or copy of the original Kartell Battery Lamp. These replicas are ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the same stylish design and quality of the original Lamp without having to pay the high price tag.

Why Choose a Kartell Battery Replica?

There are several reasons why you might want to choose a Kartell Battery Replica over the original Lamp. Here are a few of the top advantages:

  • Lower cost: As mentioned, Kartell Battery Replicas are significantly cheaper than the original Lamp. You can save a considerable amount of money without sacrificing style or quality.
  • Wide selection: There are many different types of Kartell Battery Replicas available, so you can find one that perfectly fits your style and decor preferences.
  • Easy to find: Unlike the original Lamp, which may be harder to find depending on your location, Kartell Battery Replicas are readily available from many retailers.
  • Quality design: While replicas are typically associated with lower quality, Kartell Battery Replicas are still made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Types of Kartell Battery Replicas Available

When it comes to Kartell Battery Replicas, there are several different types and designs available. Here are a few of the most popular options:

1. Blow Battery Replica

The Blow Battery Replica features a transparent body with a cylindrical shape and cone-shaped top. It is made with high-quality polycarbonate and comes in a variety of colors.

2. Comback Battery Replica

The Comback Battery Replica features a more traditional lamp shape with a curved body and lampshade. It is made with high-quality polypropylene and also comes in a variety of colors.

3. La Boheme Battery Replica

The La Boheme Battery Replica is a unique lamp that has a vase-shaped body with a distinctive pattern. It is made with transparent polycarbonate and is available in several different colors and designs.

Where to Buy Kartell Battery Replicas

If you’re interested in purchasing a Kartell Battery Replica, there are many different retailers you can choose from. Here are a few of the best options:

1. Amazon

Amazon is a great place to search for Kartell Battery Replicas. They offer a wide selection of designs and styles from various sellers, so you can find the perfect lamp for your needs and budget.

2. Aliexpress

Aliexpress is another popular online retailer that sells Kartell Battery Replicas. They offer competitive prices and a huge selection of lamps to choose from.

3. Replica Lights

Replica Lights is an Australian-based retailer that specializes in high-quality replicas of designer lighting. They offer a great selection of Kartell Battery Replicas at competitive prices.


Kartell Battery Replicas are a great way to enjoy the stylish and unique design of the original Kartell Battery Lamp without breaking the bank. With so many different options available, there’s sure to be a replica that perfectly fits your style and decor preferences.

Whether you choose a Blow, Comback or La Boheme Replica, you’ll be able to enjoy the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship as the original Lamp. So why wait? Start shopping for your Kartell Battery Replica today and add a touch of style to your home or office!

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