Geometric Furniture – The Latest Best Fashion Furniture Trends for 2022

Geometric furniture, as a series of furniture that can instantly enhance the appearance of the home, I think it will be the latest fashion furniture trend in 2022!

When you think of geometry, what do you think of?

Geometric elements are the most basic elements that shape all things. In the geometric world, points, lines and shapes can be regarded as a vocabulary or a language of space.

When geometric elements enter home life, its unique and unpredictable texture lines and structures instantly make home style individual, fashionable and diversified. You will exclaim “Awesome!”

Come and see with me how to use different geometric shapes to create a wonderful home space!

01 Triangular Furniture

Triangle is one of the most common elements in modern home design, widely used in furniture, lamps, wall design and soft furnishings.

The triangle has the function of enhancing the personality and improving the sense of space visually, breaking through the flat-based style of the previous home design. A simple triangle changes from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, and from plane to three-dimensional.

① Triangular rack

For example, the coconut chair below, with its shallow sides and attractive curves, allows us to sit in any position and move our body easily and comfortably. The chair itself is also full of “artistic cool”, the triangular shape is simple but visually striking.

Triangular rack

② “PLY” series low stools and side tables

Made of plywood material, one-piece design, the shape is extended according to certain rules, maintaining a simple and practical appearance, and it is also very flexible in use.

This coffee table is Noguchi’s most satisfying work. The design of the rounded triangular countertop is very chic and has a sense of space.

"PLY" series low stools and side tables

③Triangle chandelier

These furniture chandeliers composed of elements draw the beauty of simple lines and make the home space full of modern beauty.

Triangle chandelier

④ Triangle chair

The triangle is the most stable structure, and at the same time has the characteristics of super tension, which makes it easier to create a vibrant home aura.

Triangle chair

If the triangle is applied to home design, through different arrangements and combinations, the sense of distance between people can be maintained within a suitable range, which is the unique experience of the tension attribute of the triangle.

02 Diamond furniture

The triangle we know best is the most stable, and the rhombus is perhaps the most stretchable shape. The sharp water chestnuts add a bit of agility and personality to the division of the space.

① Pantograph furniture

Look at a diamond-shaped furniture that can be transformed. This is furniture designer Ian Stell’s Pantograph series of furniture. It stretches and contracts as if eating the devil fruit in “One Piece”, completely unlocking the seal of space constraints!

Pantograph furniture

② Diamond Candlestick

The Nordic-style diamond candle holder brings more variety to life. The candlelight and shadow emanating from the lines make the mood extra rich and soft.

Diamond Candlestick

③ Hexagonal vase

This golden rhombus vase, with its unique geometric design, is hard not to attract people’s attention.


Applying the geometric shape of the rhombus to furniture and home decoration is not only full of personality but also timeless. The distinct water chestnuts make the home style more vivid and publicized, and can also highlight the three-dimensional sense of objects.

03 Round furniture

The circle is a geometric element that is more popular than other shapes. In traditional culture, the circle not only symbolizes the endless cycle of life, but also represents completeness and harmony, and embodies most people’s good hopes for life.

This basket chair is an example of the collaboration between “chair master” Hans Wagner and a craftsman, and a classic example of the use of circles in chairs.

Round lamps of different sizes, are they simple and beautiful to match with other furniture?

Round lamps

, paired with a retro cabinet, has the atmospheric simplicity of a modern home.

A metallic hanging mirror

Isn’t this round stair chandelier also full of the geometric beauty of the circle? At the same time, it is full of creativity!

 round stair chandelier

Applying the circle to home design can not only neutralize the cold and hard feeling of the indoor water chestnut, but also transfer it to the decoration and ornaments used in daily use, and then match it with different materials and colors to make the whole The style is more complete and full, but not dull.

04 Square

Compared with the moderate rounded circle and the jumping out of the lively triangle, the edges and corners of the square are more distinct and cannot be ignored. The square composed of simple straight lines has its unique concise and generous temperament.

In home design, it is more about arranging them regularly, dividing the space structure reasonably and evenly, and improving the overall aesthetic sense of form.

Many IKEA side tables and side tables are square, simple and atmospheric. The following one is the carat side table, which is very popular.

 IKEA side tables

Tempered glass table top, stain resistant and easy to clean. The shelves are black on one side and dark-brown on the other, so you can choose according to your preference. The four feet are adjustable and can stand stably even on uneven ground.

This one is IKEA’s Vitesso coffee table, with a square frame and tempered glass top for a modern look.

 IKEA's Vitesso coffee table

In addition to the simple division of space, if the square is superimposed and used, the interior space will have a more three-dimensional sense.

If you mix colors again, you will get an unexpected sense of regular beauty, which can not only enhance the home atmosphere, but also bring spiritual enjoyment.

When you’re tired of the bland and lifeless home space, you can add geometric elements to your home decor. The flexible and changeable shaping force and rational and pure aesthetic connotation of geometric elements are destined to be the simplest and most advanced decorative elements.

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