The 1901 Eternal Light Bulb

1901 eternal light bulb

Livermore’s Centennial Light Bulb

For over a century, the Centennial Light Bulb in Livermore, California, has remained on. While some might consider that a feat in itself, other people have done some pretty dumb things to it. It was hit by fire trucks that were leaving the station, and people have even thrown Nerf balls at it. Its lifespan is impressive, considering it was built in a different way than modern light bulbs.

Its long lifespan has prompted the centennial light bulb to celebrate its one millionth hour of light. A party was held for the occasion at Fire Station 6 in Livermore, and there is a web page with pictures of the event. In addition, a Bulbcam page allows visitors to see the event from the perspective of the bulb. The centennial light bulb has become a symbol in Livermore, and the town has officially taken it under its wing. In fact, Livermore’s Centennial Light bulb committee is working on a new display under the bulb, as well as a new display for its wall. The website is also being recreated.

Forth Worth’s Eternal Light

The 1901 eternal light bulb in Fort Worth, Texas, is more than a century old. It is the second oldest bulb in the world. It was installed at the Byers Opera House on September 21, 1908. The opera house was demolished in 1977 and the light bulb was moved to the Livestock Exchange Building museum. The bulb has only been accidentally switched off once, which occurred when someone placed the bulb on a circuit that wasn’t properly protected. This led to the bulb running on double the power it needed to stay lit.

The Eternal Light bulb is still in use today in Fort Worth, Texas. It was once recognized as the oldest working bulb in the world until the Centennial Light was discovered a few years later. It was first turned on in 1908 and has been in use continuously ever since. The Fort Worth, Texas, bulb was installed in a store named Gasnick’s Supply in 1908. The current location of the bulb is unknown.

Mangum’s Mangum

The world’s oldest working light bulb, installed in 1926 in a firehouse in Mangum, Oklahoma, has been burning for 81 years. Despite its age, it lacks a switch and is hardwired to the wall. The only way to turn it off is by unscrewing it. The bulb’s maker is unknown.

The fourth-longest light bulb is in a fire station in Mangum, Oklahoma. Although it is not attached to a special electrical supply, it goes out when the power goes out. However, the fire department in Mangum is proud of their bulb and are willing to let visitors view it. The fifth-longest light bulb, installed in the washroom at the Martin & Newby Electrical Shop in Ipswich, England, was thought to be from the 1930s. However, it burned out in January 2001.

Forth Worth’s Gasnick lamp

The 1901 eternal light bulb is an extraordinary example of an electrical technology that has stood the test of time. This tiny tungsten filament must withstand changes in temperature as rapid as 3,000 degrees Celsius, or about 5,432 degrees Fahrenheit, in just a few thousandths of a second. It is possible to run an LED light bulb for ten thousand hours without it burning out.

The Dato light bulb was acquired by the Stockyards Museum in 1991 and housed in a protective glass. Since then, it has been burning continuously, and its status is updated on Facebook. This Facebook page allows visitors to keep an eye on the bulb’s health. The museum charges $2 to enter. It opens at 10 a.m. daily.