Industrial Wire Lamp Shades

industrial wire lamp shades

Industrial wire lamp shades are a relatively new product in the lighting industry, but their potential is growing at a rapid pace. These types of lamp shades are made from metal wire and can be used in a variety of applications. In this report, we’ll look at their application, how they are made, and their growth potential in Asia Pacific. Yigolighting

Metal wire lamp shades

Industrial-style lamp shades are simple yet elegant. Made of metal, these shades have a flat bottom and an outer lip that rolls back to direct light downward. These shades are available from Grand Brass Lamp Parts, LLC. They are designed to fit standard two-quarter-inch lamp bases. In addition, they are available in many shapes and sizes.

Metal wire lamp shades are available in a variety of colors and styles. For example, black is a classic option that works well in both a modern and industrial-style setting. They have a vintage appeal and are compatible with incandescent or LED bulbs up to 60W. They can also be installed with a dimmer, timer, or smart switch.

Patterns made of metal wire

You can create your own lamp shades by using simple household objects. For example, you can create a wire lampshade frame by using coat hangers. Simply cut the wire to the desired length and shape, fold over and crimp the ends with pliers, and attach the ends to the bottom and top frame pieces.

Increasing development in infrastructure will boost the global lamp shade market. As people are spending more on smart houses, there will be a higher demand for light shades. Many offices are also giving emphasis on good infrastructure, increasing the need for these shades. The growing importance of interior designing in residential and commercial spaces will also drive the market.

When choosing a pattern for a lamp shade, consider the shape and size of the lamp. For example, if you have a table lamp that needs to be more modern, you might want to select a rectangular-shaped lamp shade. A traditional lamp shade made of glass will have a round base.


The global lamp shades market is segmented according to the application. Commercial application is anticipated to dominate the market in 2020. Its growth is attributed to the increasing demand for lights in commercial and residential areas. Furthermore, people are spending more on smart houses. This trend will also increase the demand for light shades.

The size of the shade should be chosen depending on the number of users. A larger number of users will require a wider shade. For instance, a 60-watt bulb will require 2-7/8 inches of space between the filament and the inner edge of the lamp shade. However, if the lamp is placed higher than this, it is possible to use shorter shades.

Another option is the lining. This type of shade has a plastic or hardback backing that prevents drooping and warping. This will prolong the life of the shade. It also prevents shadows on the lamp’s vertical framework.

Growth of market in Asia Pacific

Industrial wire lamp shades are widely used in homes and offices across the globe. The market for lamp shades is segmented based on application and geography. In Asia Pacific, the Commercial segment is expected to grow at the fastest CAGR through 2020. With commercial areas becoming increasingly popular and corporate environments trying to maintain ambiance, more emphasis is being placed on the use of these products.

The growing construction activities in Asia Pacific and ASEAN countries is expected to drive the demand for lamp shades in this region. These regions have seen significant growth in recent years due to an increasing number of commercial buildings. The Middle East & Africa region is also expected to grow rapidly during the forecast period, driven by the increasing number of construction projects in South Africa and the GCC countries.

Manufacturers of industrial wire lamp shades

The global Lamp Shades Market report is a comprehensive study of the industry and provides a forecast of future market growth. The report analyzes current and past market trends and presents them in a simple, easy-to-read format. It also includes competitive analysis of key players. It also covers the key features of the market, including the types of shades available, their features and specifications, and the manufacturers’ distribution channels.

The lamp shade components include fabric and decorative papers laminated to styrene. Other components include wire and fitting components. In addition, the lamp shade frame is also made of wire, and includes arms that extend toward the center.